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Healthy Air

HealthyAir® Integrated Filter Module

HealthyAir® Integrated Filter Module

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The HA-IFM-1111 Integrated Filter Module increases operational efficiency and ease-of-use by integrating each element of the patented HealthyAir® 3-stage air purification process in a single filter module.

  • eHEPA® technology collects particle size >0.1 micron via electrostatic force at 99% Efficiency
  • HEPA Filter = H13 Rating 99.97% at 0.1 microns

This filter should be replaced every 6 months, depending on the nature and frequency of use.

The HA-IFM-1111 is the replacement filter module for the following systems:

  • HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System: HA-SCP-G6
  • HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System: HA-SCP-G5
  • HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System: HA-SCP-G4
  • HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System: HA-SCP-G3
  • HealthyAir® Portable Air Purification System: HA-PAP-G2
  • HealthyAir® Aerosol Extractor: HA-SCP-G5-AE
  • HealthyAir® Aerosol Extractor: HA-SCP-G4-AE
  • HealthyAir® Air Purification System: HA-SCP-G5-AEP
  • HealthyAir® Air Purification System: HA-PAP-G3
  • HealthyAir® Air Purification System: HA-PAP-G2
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