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EnviroKlenz Source Capture System

EnviroKlenz Source Capture System

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The EnviroKlenz Air System contains both a medical-grade H11 HEPA filter and our EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge for absolute air purification, leaving you with nothing but fresh, crisp air.

How we filter your air:

  • Stage 1 – EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge: Embedded with our innovative earth mineral technology to effectively capture and destroy a broad array of airborne contaminants and particulates, like VOCs, chemicals, and microscopic pathogens
  • Stage 2 – HEPA Filtration: Effectively captures particulates including dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and other allergy triggers

Third-Party Tested and Validated

EnviroKlenz is proven to capture 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particulates in the air.

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