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CAMFIL FARR 30/30 16"*25"*1" MERV 11 Media Filter

CAMFIL FARR 30/30 16"*25"*1" MERV 11 Media Filter

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#1 Selling - 100% Canadian Made


MERV 11: High Efficiency - State-of-the-art filtration capabilities remove allergens, making it the perfect choice for Canadian homeowners looking to improve air quality. 

The Camfil Farr 30/30 has set the industry standard
for pleated panel filters since 1963. With over 45
design enhancements, it continues to provide the
industry’s best value for medium efficiency filtration.
Setting the standard by which other pleated filters are
judged, modern media manufacturing techniques and
proprietary technological advancements ensure that
the Camfil Farr 30/30 is:
                 • Guaranteed to perform at the rated efficiency, or
                   better, throughout the life of the filter.
                 • Guaranteed to last longer than any other pleated panel filter available.
Performing at MERV 11, using a mechanical particle
capture principle, the 30/30 will not drop in efficiency
while in service as will other pleated panel filters that
incorporate an electret charge to obtain a MERV 11



  • MERV 11
  • Lifespan: 3 months
  • Exact size: 15 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 7/8 inches

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