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EnviroKlenz Air System Plus (UV), White

EnviroKlenz Air System Plus (UV), White

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Utilizing EnviroKlenz® patented formulation of earth minerals to capture and destroy harmful airborne pollutants for good, the Air System Plus pairs its innovative Air Cartridge with industry-standard HEPA filtration and UV-C for premium purification of contaminants big and small.

This unique approach to air purification effectively eliminates everyday triggers from your indoor environments, leaving you with nothing but fresh, crisp air.

How we filter your air:

      • Stage 1 – EnviroKlenz® Air Cartridge – Embedded with our innovative earth mineral technology to effectively capture and destroy a broad array of airborne contaminants and particulates, including VOCs, chemicals, and microscopic pathogens
      • Stage 2 – UV-C Bulbs: Work as an added layer of defense to deactivate microscopic biologicals like viruses, bacteria, and mold, as well as thoroughly sanitize the system’s interior components
      • Stage 3 – H13 HEPA Filter: Effectively captures particulates including dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and other allergy triggers

*This product is Listed to applicable standards and requirements by UL.

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