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blah 3

  AUGUST 2020

We highly recommend the HQ Air purifiers!

We purchased 4 of the Medical Grade HEPA units from HIGH QUALITY AIR AND MEDICAL for our dental clinic before our reopening after Covid-19 shut down. We did this to aid in the protection of ourselves staff and patients with the UVC germicidal properties.

We found the air quality in our clinic tremendously improved. I would describe the air as fresh and crisp. The air units have a quiet hum that doesn't interfere with our ability to talk with patients on the phone or in person. There is no smell emitted from the units.

Our patients with asthma and other breathing difficulties comment on how much easier our clinic air is to breath for them. With our Clinic being in a neighborhood with lots of mature trees the spring can bring pollen allergies among our team.

This is the first year we have been spared allergy symptoms. We purchased 2 units for our home after seeing the difference in our clinic. If we would have been aware of the difference air quality can make it in day-to-day life, we would have purchased them long ago.



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