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  JULY 2020

Focus on Smiles has closely watched the new protocols and guidelines as they have been developed by the Alberta Dental Association and College during the course of the COVID 19 pandemic in preparation for providing patient-centered progressive dentistry.
The dental world has changed because of COVID 19. With enhanced disinfection and patient care protocols, we provide a safe experience for our patients. 
Our practice has always been an early adopter of technology, equipment, and techniques that improve the patient experience. We know that COVID 19 spreads through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or simply breathes, just like influenza and other respiratory viruses spread.  Besides wearing the most effective masks to protect ourselves and our patients, we asked ourselves, "What else could we do to reduce airborne pathogens ?" 
Thanks to Trevor Cornand, whose service was just outstanding, we purchased an air filtration system, HIGH QUALITY AIR AND MEDICAL / ULPA HEPA UVC-PCO AIR CLEANER, that filters airborne viruses and other pathogens and improves the overall air quality in our office.  
This is our way of investing in the health of our patients and team members as well as looking for ways to make our office comfortable and safe. Many have inquired about " the new machine in the corner..."
Our patients are happy that we have adopted protocols, not required by the Alberta Dental Association & College, to ensure their safety.  
We highly recommend that businesses invest in this technology so that they too can provide "Surgically clean air ".



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